Registration for the final conference has now been opened: https://forms.gle/sujzmJeLdb4Yum7P8.

Registration will be closed on February 5th, 2021.

Practical information and the link for joining the event will be sent to the registered participants before the event.

No registration fee.

Time and venue

9-10 February 2021, online


Final Conference Programme can be found here, changes are possible.


The aim of the conference is to present potential solutions and sustainable management options for reducing the risk of invasive species introductions caused by shipping and boating in the Baltic Sea Region from the COMPLETE project. The aim of the project has been to develop consistent and adaptive management tools and recommendations for the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) by addressing both major vectors of harmful aquatic organisms and pathogens: ballast water and biofouling, as well as taking into account the needs for non-indigenous species monitoring.

Expected participation

The conference is aimed at policy makers on international, regional and national level, (e.g. maritime and environmental administrations) as well as at local administrations, ports/port authorities, chemical safety authorities, shipyards/docks, shipping companies, boating associations, marinas, environmental NGOs, companies providing hull cleaning services or antifouling systems and the scientific community.


During the conference, the following topics will be presented enabling implementation of harmonized management strategies for the entire Baltic Sea Region. Conference sessions are organised around key issues related to biofouling and ballast water management:


Further info and contact:

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