2-6 March 2020

Meeting of two working groups of the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES), i.e. the Working Group on Ballast and Other Ship Vectors (WGBOSV) and the Working Group on Introductions and Transfers of Marine Organisms (WGITMO) will be held in 2-6 March 2020 at the University of Gdansk in Gdynia, Poland.

WGBOSV and WGTIMO are made up of international experts who provide information, knowledge and advice on ship-mediated introduction and spread vectors of non-indigenous species, tools for their detection and effective monitoring, their impact on biodiversity and system services, as well as assessing risk and invasive potential. They work collaboratively with other organizations, like North Pacific Marine Science Organization (PICES), Mediterranean Science Commission (CIESM) as well as with other ICES working groups.  The activities of both ICES groups provide scientific support in the development of international activities (e.g. International Maritime Organization, Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO) aimed at both reducing the risk associated with the introduction of non-native species to new regions by merchant ships, as well as in effective management to limit the negative effects of these species.

The meeting, organized as a part of COMPLETE project, will be an opportunity to present and consult project findings to a group of experts holding international excellence in the relevant field.